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Olin Robie, President

Olin Robie

Founder, President, Project Manager

When I discovered that Northeastern University offered a business major in “Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development”, it was an epiphany. Here was a path to my career dream, right in front of me, there for the taking, and I jumped right in. I have spent most of the last 30 years in the small business arena, and all of that time in marketing and technology roles. I’ve been in business for myself about half that time and worked in various marketing companies the rest of the time.

I took a brief sidetrack in the 1980s to work at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and there I was introduced to the Internet before it was called the Internet. NASA scientists and engineers were using it to collaborate with their peers around the world. The public hadn’t heard about it yet, but I knew that I had just witnessed a game changer. After my stint at NASA I went back into the small business marketing and technology world and waited for the Internet to “go public”.

Fast forward to 2001 and Sedona, Arizona, when I launched ‘North Star Direct Marketing’ to work with local companies with a focus on tourism and destination marketing. Looking back, I wish I had named the company North Star Internet Marketing back then because that’s all we have done in the last 10 years – marketing products and services on the Internet.