Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing That Works

Social media has morphed from a social phenomena into a crucial Internet marketing tool. Indeed, social media marketing is now an important factor in getting good rankings on Google and the other search engines.

When we launched our Sedona tourism website,, in late 2009, we used Facebook and Twitter as a key tool for growing the traffic as quickly as possible, and it worked! In two years our traffic went from zero to 12,000 visitors a month, our search engine results now number almost 70 first page positions, and our social media reach is, well, phenomenal.

We’ve proven that social media marketing makes sense by doing it ourselves.

The marketing team responsible for’s success in social media are now our full-time partners in social media marketing and work with several of our clients using Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to build your business.

Where are you in the Social Media scene?

  • You haven’t gotten into Social Marketing yet?
    We can set up your social media accounts for you and look for a targeted group of friends and followers to get you started.
  • You want to maintain your accounts but you’re sure how it should be done?
    We are happy to be your Social Consultant, to train and support you with search terms and best practices.
  • You know that you need to get involved, but you have no time?
    We can take the entire burden off your shoulders and give your business a turnkey program that fits your budget.

Social Media makes sense and we are here to help you succeed. Give us a call at 928.300.9845. Your first consultation is free.